WWRC Jan 2012 Show

Here you will see pictures from Wairarapa Western Riding Club shows and rally days my mum and I have taken, this is a riding club situated in the lower North Island of New Zealand and meets monthly at the club grounds. For more info about the riding club and more photos, you can visit their website: www.wairarapawrc.webs.com.

24 thoughts on “WWRC Jan 2012 Show

    • Oh awesome! I just had a look at the website… sweet! I’m glad you enjoyed mine and my mums photos and I hope your mum does too! Let me know what she thinks 😛

  1. So glad you stopped by my blog, which lead me over here… Looks like you all have some nice horses and some fun times at your riding club. I knew there was a fair amount of interest in the Western Style of riding in Australia, didn’t realize it had carried over to NZ. Fun to see all the pictures.

    • Haha thanks, there were certainly a lot of western shows and Quarter horse nationals around at the start of the year, my western riding club show day was one of the ones we went to and that’s where I got all the pictures from! I have only recently got into the western side of riding and we recently brought a Quarter horse so he will teach us how to ride better and we’ll get some lessons soon! 😛 Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

    • Thank you! I simply love horses and its great I could get some cool pictures from my western riding clubs show day. 😛

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sending a LIKE my way. It brought me here to where I look forward to following your posts. I love your photos here. They are awesome!!! 😀

    • Oh why thank you very much! 😛 It’ s good that I have meet some horsey people through my blog, my mum and I are going to the western riding club this weekend for one of their show days, so we’re both looking forward to it!
      Thanks, 🙂

      • Thank sounds so great!! I’m thankful for my daughter who spurred my interest in horseback. I don’t actually ride, but I enjoy watching her grow in her sport. She barrel races and is looking to eventually go forward into roping. (YIKES!) It’s a fun and exciting adventure. I hope you will post about your weekend. Look forward to reading all about it. 😀

      • Oh that’s awesome! I’m only just learning the western discipline but I’m greatly looking forward to barrel racing!! hehe My friend Dan does western riding and I watch him do trails and all that. Ill try get mum to grab some pics of this weekend and I’ll make a post too! 🙂
        Renee. 😛

      • – Sorry, I meant the riding clubs rally day not show day -_- lol, I’ll make sure I get some pictures though and do a post 🙂

  3. Thank you for viewing my blog! 🙂 Yes one of the children at the club is about 9 years old, those are the pictures of her that you saw, also there are my friends Dan and Nicky that you would have seen in some of the shots too. 🙂

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