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10 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Thank you for visiting Daffodil’s Photo Blog today and liking my post “A Few for Saturday”, and for following my blog! I came back here and looked around a little–you have so many beautiful pictures! I’ll have to return when I have more time and look some more.

    • haha thanks, your welcome! Okay sounds good! 😛 Great that you are enjoying our blog! We are going on a holiday soon so I will make a post about it when we get back… keep and eye out, it will have some more cool photos! 😀 Thanks,

  2. Love all of these!! Horses are my favorite as well 🙂 i couldn’t live without my mare, Shawnee. Thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog!! Its always nice to have new readers!

    • Thank you! I cant stand being away from my gelding Brock for any longer than a few days either! I couldn’t ask for a better horse, and our pony that we used to have, Morgan, was a sweetie as well 😛 Thanks for commenting on my blog! Have fun with Shawnee 😉

  3. Your animals are wonderful. There’s nothing I love more, than to see well loved animals treated with respect. I enjoyed browsing through your photos. 😉 Those are some lucky critters, you have there.

    • Thank you very much! Yes I love animals and horses are my fav!! I have quite a few pets and they all enjoy being in our company 😛

  4. Hello. I came over to thank you for taking the time to visit and click the “like” button on my article “A Lake Where Jesus Heals.” But, of course, once I got here, it was SO hard to pull myself away from all the gorgeous pictures! You do fantastic work, and I MUST come back again when I have more time. I will also visit your writing blog. The Lord bless. Sandra

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