A Year At The Photo Albums!

It has been a long year since the Photo Albums was created, and my mum and I have enjoyed sharing our photos with you all. Thank you to everyone who stopped by this last year and will continue to do so. Thank you also to everyone who left a comment on our work saying they would really like to visit New Zealand one day and that they enjoyed our photos.
In the year the Photo Albums has been around, it has currently gotten:

  • 123 posts
  • 16,778 views from 90 different countries
  • Best ever day had 400 views
  • Have uploaded 765 photos
  • And have had 3,312 likes of our posts/pages.

Mum and I have pulled together a whole lot of images that we have uploaded on the blog over the last year, we have also added some new ones to celebrate a year at the Photo Albums. Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter everybody!

—> R & P Photography © – All of these images we have taken ourselves and we would appreciate it if you did not use these images with out our permission. If you would like to use any of these images, please email us at: randpphotoalbums@gmail.com Thank you.

11 thoughts on “A Year At The Photo Albums!

  1. Oh my goodness, you have so many beautiful photos in this retrospective view of your last year!! Thank you for sharing them, it’s given me lots of inspiration and ideas and encouragement to keep looking for opportunities to take great photos like yours! (And I also love it that they’re taken in NZ – so much beauty so close to hand, and wonderful that there are people like you to record it!)

    • Thank you very much!! And you are welcome! Wow thats great to hear our photos have given you some inspiration! I’m glad you like our photos and I hope you enjoy following our blog! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  2. HEY RENE: scrolling thru’ this made my head spin! when my kids re-invade your country again, i will go with them! and we’ll meet ya’ at the local tea/coffee shop)

  3. Thanks for following my blog. Your huge collage in this post is awesome – does your WP theme support it or you made it with special software?
    I just started my photo blog and I hope mine can be as successful as yours in a year time!

    • Im sure your blog will be! If you stop by other people’s blogs and comment and like on other blogs, that will encourage people to come visit your blog and it will make your blog more popular over the months! That’s what I found with my blog and I think it worked quite well!
      The photo collage… My WP theme supports it but I’m pretty sure it works with all WP themes? Do you know where to find the tool when you go and add photos? 🙂

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