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7 thoughts on “Scary!

  1. i wuzz gonna ask, but sumwun else did. scary to look it, but the threat (if there was … ) passed.
    yeah, you and i have talkt some about clouds… i’ve been workin’ on a hilltop this past week, overcast, sometimes can see 50 – 60 miles away, and often, not. (don’t tell anyone i don’t know this, what does “Kia ora” mean?)

    • haha these are cool clouds, they don’t usually bring bad weather with them, just a scary looking apparence! hahaha I wont, Kia ora means Hello in Maori 😉 its fine over here in nz at the moment, heaps of Cirrus clouds though! I keep trying to look out for a Sundog in the clouds but I haven’t seen one yet ;(

  2. That’s how Nature speaks to us, Renee. Even in the form of the clouds their expressions can be so overwhelming capable of showing us their potent emotions. Thanks for liking my photo: It’s Yours. G’day from Australia.

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