Summers Coming!

Summer is definitely nearly upon us here in New Zealand. The days are getting longer, hotter and more lively by the day. Like the flowers on this plant, many other plants are sprouting their flowers and fruit. My raspberry plants have got some berries on the way too.

Its been fine for about a week and a bit now, it’s getting quite dry. What I predicted earlier this year was, when there has been no storm before or after the vernal equinox (21 March), the ensuing summer is dry, five times in six. I went on to my weather station and looked back at the data for a week either side of the equinox and there had been no storm what so ever so I knew it would be a dry summer. And so far it is! It hasn’t rained in quite a while and it’s not quite even summer yet! Not till next month.While it has been fine, I have been studying outside and then on my breaks I will have some lunch or whatever and go take some photos or have a play on my guitar. Yesterday I went out and took some photos… the ones above are a few of them. Around our eight and a half-acre lifestyle block, we have all of these Fox Gloves (above image) popping up all over the place! Purple ones, white ones, pink/purple ones…. everywhere! lol All of Mum’s wildflower seeds she planted should start flowering soon too.

Anyway I know that most of you who will be reading this are probably over in America and Canada etc. and will be going into winter… so hopefully you have a good one! 😀 And for those that are coming into summer too, hope you all have a good one also!


9 thoughts on “Summers Coming!

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  2. I love the fact that the internet gives us the opportunity to see both hemispheres of the world at the same time. Not only is it the opposite season in New Zealand, but you’re almost a full day ahead of us (TN,USA), too!

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