Sunset and Rainbow

It had been a pretty weird, weathery day a few days ago when I took these pics, we had previously had a thunderstorm the night before with hail and strong wind… and then we get this, a typical winter sunset and a rainbow too!

First it started off with a rainbow…

Then I spotted this around the back of the house…

A random bank looking thing of cloud…

I turned around and remembered the rainbow!…

And the sky turned a darker orange before fading away to a dark sky… rain came later that night and got heavy every now and then and it got quite gusty too! This was a few days ago, now the weather is just showers on a off and gusty wind – typical winter weather! … And it has just started hailing here as I was doing this post! lol Gotta go, see you everyone πŸ˜€

28 thoughts on “Sunset and Rainbow

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  2. Hi!
    Thank you for the “like” notification on my post!!
    ….we’ve got “winter” here, even if it should be summer! 😦
    Nice pictures!!

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