Wellington Sunset

This is a sunrise shot that I took over looking Petone and Wellington Harbour  from the look out at the top of Wainuiomata Hill looking west. The wind was moderate and the sky became a much brighter orange after the photo was taken but my camera went flat 😦 It had been raining the previous three days before it finally began to clear. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Wellington Sunset

      • I didn’t think so. Interesting in Chicago where I live all the young people want to live in the city. No accounting for taste huh?

      • Haha well If you wanted to put it this way, I’m not your average teenager lol 😉 I’m quite different from all my friends but I’m not to worried about it because we still all get along well, despite our differnces 😉

      • Um, probably because I like different music, different hobbies and points of view, being a country girl, it is so different from a city person – I call them, we have different ideas on things and way of doing things if you know what I mean? Eg they can’t live without stuff which I can and can be quite picky about things unlike me? Is this is making sense? Not in an offensive way or anything 🙂

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