Having fun in the Rain!!

Instead of sitting in side on a wet and miserable day sitting around watching TV, why not make the most of it and find something fun to do… outside? In this instance, its all about having fun with your camera in the rain… even though your cold and wet… lol Lets put it this way, my hair was straight before I went out, not when I came back…. but it was worth it I thought!! Here are some of the results: (click on any of the images to view it clearer!) 🙂

It started off outside by Bedroom window… a puddle next to the outside table and chairs…

Water droplets on my window…

Homedale Village and the Wainuiomata River from outside our lounge doors.

After that I went for a little walk around the property and took a million photos which I then had to sort through… 😉

… I tried to take a shot of the water droplets hanging off the end of the fern and some other shots of water on some plants…

Yesterday I ‘was’ going bird watching with my dog and camera but instead ended up finding this Photo of fungus. I did get some shots of birds though, here’s one of them: I caught this little Grey Warbler eating a spider off the twig, I quickly snapped this shot of him before he flew away! 😀 Cute!!

Looking through the Manuka bushes towards Homedale Village again.Then I found this cute wee Spider web with little water droplets over it!And rain and puddles… overall I had fun even though I got wet and my hair went curly!! lol and just as I got inside, the rain got really heavy and caused a bit of flooding. Hope fully it will fine up soon though so I can go take more photos!

Great day everyone!



19 thoughts on “Having fun in the Rain!!

    • Aaaw thank you so much!!! I quite like the header image too, my mum took that photo on one of our holidays down here in the south island of new zealand, at a place called skippers canyon 🙂

  1. Wow, these are REALLY beautiful shots. I’m glad you went out. My hair does the same thing BTW!!! Don’t ever stay in watching TV again – except to post your pictures, of course!!!

  2. We’ve been having our share of rain as well. With the accompanying chilly temps we’ve stayed indoors until the rain let up then splashed around in the puddles with the kids, the air always smells so good after a rain, I just have to head out.

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