Contrails and a Sundog… and some other strange clouds… ;)

Today I was flicking through the Geonet Volcano Cam’s when I noticed that the sky’s above Mt Taranaki had contrails! And I also saw some going to school today here in Wellington… that’s a little odd! I also saw a Sundog today too which was pretty cool 😀

This next image is a Sundog which I took on our recent trip, this is not the one I saw today. The one I saw today had brighter colours in it compared to this one! 😛And here is some photos of a Sunbow which I took up in Otaki last year and cloud Iridescence photos that I took here at my place earlier this year too…

This is the cloudbow. A prismatic arc of colors, similar to a rainbow, resulting from the refraction of sunlight through a mist or spray of water.

And these two images are of cloud iridescence. Cloud iridescence happens when parts of clouds are thin and have similar size droplets, diffraction can make them shine with colours like a corona. In fact, the colours are essentially corona fragments. The effect is called cloud iridescence or irisation, terms derived from Iris the Greek personification of the rainbow.

The usually delicate colours can be in almost random patches or bands at cloud edges. They are only organized into coronal rings when the droplet size is uniform right across the cloud. The bands and colours change or come and go as the cloud evolves. They occur most often in altocumulus, cirrocumulus and especially in lenticular clouds. Iridescence is seen mostly when part of a cloud is forming because then all the droplets have a similar history and consequently have a similar size.

Sometimes iridescence can be seen far from the sun but is most frequent near to it.

So there’s a bit about clouds for you guys!! 😀 If none of this is making any sense, just give it a search in Google… 😉 Google has the answers for everything!!

Have a great day guys!!

Renee and Pallas.

9 thoughts on “Contrails and a Sundog… and some other strange clouds… ;)

    • A sundog is a cloud that is coloured like a rainbow because I think it has Ice crystals in the cloud itself?! It should tell you more about it on Wikipedia. I have a picture of one in my post – the 6th image from the top 🙂 Hope this helped Hutch ;D

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