South Island after big Snowfall!

This spectacular image was taken from a satellite orbiting directly over the South Island over New Zealand after the first big snowfall of the year! 

From a distance, its easy to see how snow brought so much of mainland life to a standstill.

The blanket of snow that cut power, closed schools and blocked roads in the South Island has been captured in a satellite image this morning.

The image was captured using data from a sensor flying aboard Nasa’s Earth Observing System satellite Terra, and was then received by Niwa’s station in Central Otago.

Aquat and Terra passes over New Zealand twice a day – once during the daytime and again at night – at an altitude of 705km.

Over 30-60cm fell in some places over night, Hanmer Springs was  “completely cut off”, 11 homes have been evacuated on the West Coast, and about 3500 homes have lost power in Christchurch and temperatures have plunged to the coldest seen in June for decades. It was believed snow or trees on power lines would have caused the outage. – Taken from

It has been a pretty wild start to winter with most of the North Island and West Coast of the South Island being pelted with cold, hard rain for a couple of days which caused massive flooding in Greymouth – along the West Coast.

Although here in Wellington we only got some big gusts of wind and a couple of thunderstorms, we seemed to have escaped the worst of the bad weather. We occasionally got heavy rain but it caused little to no flooding – Luckily!


6 thoughts on “South Island after big Snowfall!

    • Haha yes it got quite cold in some places, got down to -10 degrees in one place! Apparently there is another wintery blast heading our way again soon in a few days time!

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