Autumn Wonders

In our little corner of the world, it is finally autumn! Every time I look out over our little village, the trees lining the river are burnt orange, red, yellow, the list could go on, it is an amazing site! You can feel the days getting longer and colder as the next day passes and more rain falls and a chilly wind blows. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, I love the colour and the feel of it when you stand outside and take in everything around you, its magical! Here’s a poem I found that reminds me deeply of autumn.

In Autumn I can smell somebody drinking their hot chocolate and making noise as I walk by their houses.

In Autumn I can smell the cold, frosty wind blowing by as I am walking on the grass.

In Autumn I can touch the wind blowing my hair and the Autumn leaves stuck in it like a bee in a flower.
In Autumn I can touch the crunchy leaves in my hands, turning into pieces and being blown away by the wind.
In Autumn I can hear footsteps stepping on the leaves making sound like crunchy crisps.
In Autumn I can hear the birds singing on a chilly morning from my window.
In Autumn I cans see the wind blowing the leaves like a fan blowing a paper.
In Autumn I can taste the orange, green, red leaves that are crunchy, wanting to eat and hoping to taste like crisps

Sanjita Gurung
ย This autumn/winter, we should get some cool pictures! We are hoping we might get some snow this winter so that should be good! Also we are planing to go on holiday sometime soon to down the South Island (New Zealand) so when we do, We’ll be sure to get some more pics to add to our collection! ๐Ÿ˜›
R and P

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