More Photos!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I went for a little bush walk on my property. I strayed off one of our bike tracks and headed into the bush where I found this cool little gully! To start off with, the bush was quite dense but as I pushed further in, it thinned out, it was like a fairy tale place, lots and lots of native plants and not to mention a tonne of ferns! there was a small creek that ran through it filled with moss covered rocks. Native birds were calling in the trees and it was quiet and peaceful. There was also some over turned leaves where a wild Stagg or pig had come down and further up the gulley, the creek split into two before heading up to separate gullies. I took some interesting pics however, I could take a picture of everything around me as my camera would not pick it up clearly 😦 But still, have a look at my Flowers and Plants page to see some of the pictures! Feel free to leave a comment.


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