Welcome To Our Blog

Hello and welcome to Renee’s and Pallas’s blog!

Here you will find a number of photographs that my mum and I have taken and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did taking them. My mum and I have been taking pictures for many years now and are hoping this is the best way to let people see our photos. All of the photos on this blog are all photos that we both have taken and have not been copied.

This blog is only new and we haven’t quite had time to upload some of our photos as you can see… we’re a bit empty! So more will be coming soon.

Feel free to leave any comments and tips for us, we would much appreciate it as we are still learning and we realize that we have made several mistakes all ready! ;D Also, if you a horse lover, I have a reading blog with some great horse books that you may like to read so feel free to have a look, you will find the link the blog roll – Renee’s Reading Blog.

We hope you enjoy them!

Renee and Pallas.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Blog

  1. Love the new blog. Well done to both of you in creating it, it really does look great! Love all the horse photos and the sunset ones. Will keep checking to see whats new!!
    Love Dee xx

    • Hey Dee!
      thanx very much! We have both had heaps of fun doing the Western Riding club show one and one of their club days is coming up and we’re hoping to get some more great pics! Now all I need to do is upload the rest of the photos… ;P
      Luv Neigh.

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