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Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant


A long busy day at Polytech in the nursery… propagating cuttings and potting on a few hundred plants, needless to say by the end of the day we were all quite jubilant that it was over till next week, Jack especially! He was quite pleased we had managed to finally pot up the few trays of Olearia cuttings we had stored in the mist house the last few weeks! Was a great end to the day!

My Horticulture Adventures In Central Otago


My Horticulture Adventures In Central Otago

Please feel free to check out my blog for course guys! This is where I have been posting for the last year, I will start posting back on this blog soon too….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

There’s my own little world at home and around in my garden there’s someone else’s own smaller little world, quite mesmerizing watching these guys go about their daily flower stops… this is my input for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge

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This is why I havent been posting on here for so long, I have been doing study for the last year doing a Level 4 Horticulture Course and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

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Renee from R & P Photography

‘Old Cromwell Town’

Sunset Colours

Old Cromwell

Bannockburn Walk Track

Lenticular Cloud Sunset

On the Way to Clyde

Lenticular Sunset

Winter Snow

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Sunlight

Lake Hayes Autumn

Colours of Autumn


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