The Approaching Autumn

We have finally entered the start of Autumn and the trees are beginning to change colour, along with the evening lighting! Just a quick pic I took on my phone while walking around the Old Cromwell Heritage Precinct after work one day last week…. cant wait for this coming autumn! Already had our first fog here and the temperatures are starting to drop now, though it still gets stinking hot during the day!


Long Time No See

Sorry for not posting much for quite a while…. been quite busy with studies! Unfortunately my camera has crapped out and I dont have a camera anymore so I’ve been having to use my phone to take photos…. Hoping to get myself a new camera in the near future though so if anyone has some suggestions on one thats not too pricey it would be greatly appreciated! Anyway here is a shot I took at work not so long ago… using my phone of course. Looking forward to the coming Autumn and the whole orchard starting to glow with autumn colours! I’ve been quite busy with Harvest Season the last few months so I have a few shots to upload to do with my job, so a small change to usual with what I normally post… at least until after harvest when Autumn is upon us down under in little New Zealand! I will certainly be out and about for that! Until Next time… Hope guys you are all well and enjoying what you can of Winter!!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare


Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare

The winter here in NZ has been rather warm this year, now coming into spring we still haven’t had a snowfall area which I live. Snow has been a rarity here with the closest thing was a few short snow flurries…. So in an attempt to get to see the family and I went for a long trip up to one of the highest public roads in New Zealand, 1300 meters above sea level! We finally found some snow, since we missed out this year down in the valley. So for this weeks photo challenge, I have taken a shot of the result of the last cold weather we will probably be getting till next year… Snow is rare to find here in Central this year…..


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant


A long busy day at Polytech in the nursery… propagating cuttings and potting on a few hundred plants, needless to say by the end of the day we were all quite jubilant that it was over till next week, Jack especially! He was quite pleased we had managed to finally pot up the few trays of Olearia cuttings we had stored in the mist house the last few weeks! Was a great end to the day!

My Horticulture Adventures In Central Otago


My Horticulture Adventures In Central Otago

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

There’s my own little world at home and around in my garden there’s someone else’s own smaller little world, quite mesmerizing watching these guys go about their daily flower stops… this is my input for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge

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Renee from R & P Photography

‘Old Cromwell Town’

Sunset Colours

Old Cromwell

Bannockburn Walk Track

Lenticular Cloud Sunset

On the Way to Clyde

Lenticular Sunset

Winter Snow

Autumn Reflections