‘Old Cromwell Town’

Sunset Colours

Old Cromwell

Bannockburn Walk Track

Lenticular Cloud Sunset

On the Way to Clyde

Lenticular Sunset

Winter Snow

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Sunlight

Lake Hayes Autumn

Colours of Autumn

Macetown Track, Arrowtown


Kawarau & Clyde Dam Junction

Lake Dunstan, Cromwell, NZ

Wellington City



My Trip Down South – New Zealand

Its been a while since I last posted on the blog…. Been pretty busy the last month! And its going to be difficult to take some more photos and upload them with exams coming up shortly! (Which I am NOT looking forward too!) But I managed to spare some time to upload some photos of a recent trip we went on down the south island here in New Zealand a few weeks ago, hope you enjoy the photos! I’ll try my best to get some more photos posted soon! :) Hope you all have a great day!



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